How do I change the version of PDFMU?

Update the following values in pom.xml:

  • project.version

Add a release entry in src/changes/changes.xml.

The version should follow the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 guidelines.

How do I update the web site?

Generate an up-to-date local copy of the site by executing the Maven goals verify and site (calling mvn verify site). It is necessary to run the goal verify to generate the code coverage (JaCoCo) report. The site is generated in the directory target/site. Push the content of that directory to the branch gh-pages of the GitHub repository.

To facilitate updating the web site, you may clone and track the branch gh-pages in the directory target/site.

How do I change the license notice?

Use the NetBeans plugin License Changer to update the license header including the copyright line and the license notice in the source files. Version 1.9.2 of the plugin contains a bug that makes it generate CRLF instead of LF line endings. To fix the line endings, use the utility dox2unix. To run it on all the source files, execute the following command in the directory src: find -type f -exec dos2unix {} \;

The license notice is also used in the resource file src\main\java\cz\hobrasoft\pdfmu\legalNotice.txt. Update this occurrence by hand.

How do I update the copyright?

Update the value in pom.xml. Update the license header according to the instructions in the previous question, since the license header includes a copyright line.